Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brunch with the best{ie}!

I have been suffering from a case of spring fever + the 30 degree weather combined with the occasional snow showers we've been experiencing lately aren't exactly the cure.  Despite the frigid temperatures I've felt the need to flee my apartment + meet up with friends whenever I get the chance.  On Sunday I made plans to catch up with my best friend at my new favorite brunch spot + apparently one of my famous neighbors had the same idea.  

I have been food crushing on Gabe Stulman since The Little Owl but am even more smitten with his solo ventures because in addition to the ridiculously delicious food there is an uncanny population of Wisconsin folk that flock where ever he sets up shop.  From the wait staff to the customers almost everyone you talk to has a Wisconsin connection or lives with in a 10 block radius of his Sheridan Square empire.  Meeting both of those specifications I can't help be feel right at home at Joseph Leonard, named after Stulman's grandfathers.  The cozy tables + neighborly atmosphere make for a sublime place to brunch + map out your Bleecker Street shopping strategy.

{My avocado toast + poached eggs}

{Joseph Leonard @ the corner of Waverly + Grove}

{Katie's goat cheese herb omelet}

{Pics of Stulman's family adorn the walls}

{Brussel sprouts + siracha, my latest obsession}

{Friends + neighbors gathered for Sunday breakfast}

{Martha Stewart pop up pie shop we stumbled upon for dessert!}


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hola Viejos Amigos!


It has been an embarrassingly long time since any of you have seen my smiling face {please see above to reacquaint yourself!}. There's really no good excuse other than I have been working + traveling a ton.  During my hiatus I did manage to sneak away to Mexico for a week of obscene guacamole consumption, voracious poolside book reading, happy hours beginning immediately after lunch + delectable nightly dinners on the beach.  Due to my state of total relaxation my picture taking was lax to say the least but here are few shots to make you feel like you were there too! 

While there has been radio silence on my blog I have surprisingly done a little cooking + will post my very belated bounties if you don't mind them being a little out of date! In the meantime I promise to dust off my pots + pans, pre-heat my oven + get back in the kitchen more regularly.


{drinks @ my favorite restaurant}

{no explanation needed!}

{candy vendor who provided me with my afternoon sweet treat. I wonder if he'd be willing to wheel over to Union Square!}