Monday, October 18, 2010

One of those days....

{tasty brunch spot in my hood}

Saturday was one of those days I did nothing I should have done {drop off my dry cleaning, pick up dog food, hit the gym} + instead did exactly what I wanted to do.  I awoke to a perfect autumn day that forces you to ignore your nagging to do list, get out of your apartment + soak up every second of it.  It was the first time since March the weather called for me to pull out my newest pair of boots + slip on my favorite Marc Jacobs jacket to go pick up a coffee + the New York Times on my way to the dog park.

After the park I met up with my bestie for an extended brunch, to make up for all the face time we missed out on while she was in Sweden for the week.  From there we meandered around to some of our favorite stores + stumbled upon the most precious handmade street fair, where we oohed + ahhed over all the cute things.  After shopping we decided a few cocktails were in order so we met up with our other bestie to toast to the good life + indulge in some of our favorite comfort food.  Since we polished off a cheese burger with truffle fries, mac + cheese + a slice of "birthday cake" {with ice cream of course!} , going dancing later that night was the perfect solution to balance out our caloric intake. 

We parted ways to head home to our respective apartments + get ready, then reconvened downtown to meet up with more of our friends to dance the night away.  As if we didn't already pack enough into one day, our friend Amos insisted we go to the best karaoke place in New York to finish off the night. When I got home for the evening I looked down at my watch + realized it was almost time to get up + quite possibly have one of those days all over again.

{frothy coffees}

{french toast}

{stamp shopping for Katie's Etsy shop}

{sweet sign we saw in front of a west village brownstone}


{truffle fries=nirvana}

{birthday cake is appropriate whenever you have a taste for it}

{late night karaoke in chinatown}



  1. i love those types of days :)

    now following you!

  2. This is my first visit to your blog, and it's lovely! Sounds like you had one busy day and a very good time! Love your cute doggies! I have a cute dog also, whom I adore! When you have a moment please "visit" me in New England, I love company and new Followers are very exciting! I enjoyed my visit today!

  3. Miss K-

    Thanks for stopping by + for the follow! Sometimes fun has to be fast tracked to the top of your to do list, ya know!

    Ocean Breezes + Country Sneezes-

    Thank you for the compliments! Aren't cute doggies, the best? I heart your blog + puppy as well! I felt like I took a vacation after visiting your blog, though I am city girl it's always nice to escape every once + awhile.